Storage furniture testing

We are testing all kind of storage furniture intended for domestic and non-domestic use. Under tests we determine strength, stability and durability of storage units that are fully assembled and ready for use in place. Storage furniture testing relate to various parts of the unit. Applied loads, forces and velocities are simulating normal functional use, as well as misuse, that might reasonably be expected to occur. Storage furniture testing results may be used to represent the performance of production models provided that the tested model is representative of the production model.

Tests carried out are intended to demonstrate the ability of the item to give satisfactory service in its intended environment.

The strength and durability tests do not assess the structure of the building, e.g. the strength of wall hanging cabinets includes only the cabinet and the parts used for the attachment.

Storage furniture and non domestic storage furniture are testing according to ISO 7170:2021, EN 16121:2013 or EN 14073 and other relating standards.

Testing of domestic storage furniture, kitchen storage units and worktops are assessed according to EN 14749:2016+A1:2022.