Work tables, desks testing

Office work tables testing and desks testing

Office tables shall comply with dimension, mechanical safety, stability and strength requirements. The dimensions specifies of work tables and desks for office tasks to be undertaken in a seated, a sit stand or standing position. The tables tests covered by the standard include stability, strength under vertical force, strength under horizontal force, fatigue under horizontal force, fatigue under vertical force, drop test.
Desk testing and determination of dimensions are assessed according to EN 527-1:2011, EN 527-2:2016+A1:2019 .

We can also offer testing table with electrically driven adjustable legs. Our new optical testing equipment allows to test desk very accurate and to determine even the tilting of table top.

Domestic and non-domestic tables testing

All tables used for domestic purposes and non domestic purposes including those with glass in their construction testing table shall comply minimum requirements for the safety, strength and durability requirements. If the domestic table is equipped with storage features it shall be tested according to other existing EN standards.

Dimensions, safety, stability, strength and durability of domestic tables and non domestic tables shall be assessed according to EN 12521:2015EN 15372:2016 and relative EN 1730:2013 Furniture – Tables – Test methods for the determination of stability, strength and durability.