Sofa, Sofa-bed testing

It is important that all domestic seating shall comply the minimum requirements for the safety, strength and durability. The sofa testing is based on use by persons weighing up to 110 kg. Applied loads, forces and velocities are simulating normal functional use, as well as misuse, that might reasonably be expected to occur. These sofa testing results may be used to represent the performance of production models provided that the model is representative of the production model. It does not include requirements for the resistance to ageing, degradation, flammability and ergonomics, but tests carried out are intended to demonstrate the ability of the item to give satisfactory service in its intended environment. There are several standards to test sofa depending on it’s intended use.

Sofas, sofa beds, upholstery stool and other seating for home use are assessed according to EN 12520:2015.

Sofas, sofa beds, upholstery stools and other seating for non-domestic use are assessed according to EN 16139:2013.