EN 527

These standards determine dimensions, safety, stability, strength and durability of office work tables and desks:

EN 527-1:2011 Office furniture – Work tables and desks – Part 1: Dimensions
This European Standard specifies dimensions of work tables and desks for office tasks to be undertaken in a seated, a sit stand or standing position. It includes neither dimensions for storage unit nor those for other tables in the office area or reception desks.

Office furniture – Work tables – Part 2: Safety, strength and durability requirements
This European Standard specifies safety, strength and durability requirements on work tables. It does not apply to other tables in the office area for which EN standard exists (EN 15372). Annex A (informative) contains a test for deflection of tables tops.

EN 527-3:2003 Office furniture – Work tables and desks – Part 3: Methods of test for the determination of the stability and the mechanical strength of the structure
This standard is withdrawn.

Work tables and desks also electrically driven adjustible tables can be tested according to theese standards.

Types of furniture testing