EN ISO 12460-3:2020 Wood-based panels – Determination of formaldehyde release – Part 3: Gas analysis method

This document specifies a procedure for determination of accelerated formaldehyde release from uncoated and coated wood-based panels using the gas analysis method. The procedure is also suitable for the testing of other materials (e.g. edge bands, floor coverings, foams, foils, laminated wood products, veneered wood products, coated wood products).

The test method specifies determination of formaldehyde release by the gas analysis method. A test piece of known surface area is placed in a closed chamber in which the temperature, humidity, airflow, and pressure are controlled to defined values. Emitted formaldehyde from the sample is mixed with air in chamber and air is continually drawn from the chamber and passes through gas wash bottles filled with distilled water. After constant time the concentration of formaldehyde in water is determined photometrically. Formaldehyde release is evaluate on the basis of the concentration in water, time and the sample’s dimensions. The result is expressed in milligrams per square meter and hour (mg/m2h)

Types of wood based panels that can be tested: solid wood panel, plywood, coated particleboard, board on frame, foil, edge-bands, melamine foil.

Types of coating: coated and uncoated

Types of furniture testing